Toddler Course

The toddler course: A great introduction to climbing for kids under 5 years old!

Toddler course – 1 course with 20 sections at ground level. This course is designed to enable children under 5 to explore treetop courses as their parents or older brothers and sisters.


Opalaventure is proud to be one of the first to offer this activity.

How this activity take place?

1st Step: Equipment

Our staff provide them a helmet to ensure their safety during the course.

2nd Step: Introducing the activity to the parents

This activity is taking place under the supervision of parents or accompanying adults.

3rd Step: Let’s start adventure!

Your little adventurers can enjoy this course without time limit! Of course our staff is available for any questions and concerns.

Exciting and varied as parents course!

Toboggan, wooden footbridge, net, barrel… and a little zip line of course!
This course has been designed from the children course but on the ground level. It’s a good way to be initiated into climbing and adventure sports!