10 years of adventure at your side!

Since 2006, Opalaventure has been welcoming small and large adventurers in Camiers, Sainte-Cecile between Le Touquet and Hardelot.

An exceptional setting

In the heart of the Opal Coast, Opalaventure is located in a 7-hectares forest surrounded by sand dunes at only 400 meters away from the Camiers Sainte-Cécile beach.


A gorgeous natural site that you won’t soon forget.

Our concern for the environment

Our activities take place in the nature therefore we need to pay a close attention to the Environmental conservation. We are committed to developing environmentally-friendly activities.


Trees are not harmed and all sites are built with the greatest care for the environment and respect for each unique landscape. We use treated wooden blocks to protect the bark of the trunk. Blocks are changed regularly during maintenance. All our projects are made without nails or screws. The trees are also appraised and report on an annual follow-up.


On the ground, marked paths limit the trampling impacts on vegetation and soil. Smoking is not allowed and you’ll find many paper and card bins around the trails. We want to leave the forest in its natural state and respect the “forest dwellers”.
No environmental disturbance has been observed in our park, people are really enjoying this “wild state”.