Children course

Children courses, 100% secure: do as your parents!

Children course – 2 courses designed for children 5-8 years old. The children are equipped by a continuous life line which ensures their safety during the course. The little monkeys can enjoy a small zip line on this activity, as their parents!


The Children Course will bring out their inner climbing enthusiast and help to spark a lifelong appreciation of adventure sport.


The children are supervised by an Opalaventure monitor, parents can support their young trekker or take pictures from the trail below.

My 3 hours activity

Heights ranging: from 1 to 6 meters

1st Step: Equipment

Our staff provide them a harness to ensure their safety during the course.

2nd Step: Briefing

The monitor will show to children how to us their equipment and will give them some tips and explain the security rules. Once the instructor is confident that they understand how to proceed safely, the little monkeys are ready for trees and adventure.

3rd Step: Let’s start adventure!

The monitor fit the child on the first course lifeline (the easiest) and follow him throughout the activity. When the child has passed the first course he can tackle the challenge of the second one, longer and harder.

Parents: don’t be worry!

We’re monitoring children on treetop courses since over 10 years, our staff is trained to support your little ones throughout the forest.


We take care of your children during the activities, what does it mean? Firstly, the instructor proceed with the security briefing… Without you! Indeed, the further away you are, the more your child will be listening. Of course, you can cheer on your child or take pictures from the path below. Your child will be very proud to show you his adventurer skills.