Adult Courses : Many courses for different ability levels!

The adult courses: 5 courses from easier to harder (orange, green, blue, red & black). No need to choose, you have access to each course. Each course is separate, you can stop at the end of every trail.

3 Hours of adventure!

Heights ranging: from 4 to 14 meters

First step: equipment

Our staff provide you a harness to ensure your safety during the course.

2nd Step : Briefing

Your instructor show you how to use your equipment during an initiation at 1 meter off the ground. Once you and the instructor are confident that you understand how to proceed safely, you will head for the trees and adventure.

3rd step : Ready for adventure!

Orange course
Easy course –8 sections, good way to get used to heights and equipment


Green course
Beginners course – 15 sections including a zip line


Blue course
Middle level – 15 sections at 10 meters from the ground! Tarzan jump, hanging bike, good sensations guaranteed!


Red and Black course
Confirmed and Sporting level – 25 sections. Tarzan jump at 20 meters off the ground, flying snowboard, tightrope walker… Try this course and challenge yourself!

Original and varied activities

Our challenge is to surprise you again and again with funny, exciting and unique activities. We focus on short sections to offer you a wide range of activities.


A total of 500 meters zip line, 3 Tarzan jump, a hanging bike, flying surf… You won’t get bored!

Security, our priority

Our qualified team remains on the ground, follows your progress through the course and is available for any questions or concerns.


Our staff is graduate of the Certificate of Professional Qualification of Acrobatic Height Operator (CQP OPAH) as well as the first aid certificate (PSC1). Monitors can provide assistance and guidance wherever and every time needed. You will never be alone in the forest!